• Tuesday, May 30, 2017


  • As a BIA member, you automatically enjoy the benefits of our state and national associations

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  • By Michael Strech, President and CEO, North State BIA

  • We insiders call it 3 in 1 membership. Basically, when you joined the North State BIA, you instantly gained membership into our state association, CBIA, and our national association, NAHB. So what does it all mean and why is it important?

    For starters, it means that you have advocates promoting your interests at the local, state and national levels. Now while most land use decisions tend to be local matters that fall under our purview, CBIA handles issues like last year's statewide school bond, CEQA, and tort reform. On the national front, NAHB is constantly pushing for changes with agencies like the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency, while engaging the federal government on matters like monetary and tax policy. To put it simply, your BIA membership effectively entitles you to a comprehensive advocacy program. In today's world of increasing regulations, that's something you and your business will always need.

    Fortunately, we have also had a number of BIA members who have climbed the ranks of our federated model. Mike Winn of Winn Communities, for instance, previously served as the Chair of the BIA and President and CEO of CBIA. Jeff Pemstein with Homes by Towne is CBIA's 2017 Chair and previously served as Chair of the BIA and as the Area 14-National Area Chair for NAHB. And another former BIA Chair, Barbie Lussier-Davis with Mission West Builders, is a Builder-Director with NAHB this year.

    In a couple of weeks, I will join this group as we head to Washington D.C. for NAHB's 2017 Legislative Conference and a celebration of its 75th year anniversary. More than that, though, our participation is a reaffirmation of our commitment to what has been an extremely meaningful partnership.