• Monday, March 20, 2017


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  • By Andy Davidson, North State BIA Chair

  • On Tuesday, April 4, the North State Building Industry Foundation (NSBIF) will hold its 3rd Annual Trades Job Fair at the Citrus Heights Community Center. In years past, this event brought together hundreds of employers and jobseekers from throughout the region, and we certainly expect a strong turnout a couple weeks from now. The one glaring difference between now and a few short years ago is the shortage of labor throughout our industry. The labor shortage we are currently encountering is providing serious threats to derail the progress our industry has made over these last several years.

    As you heard a few weeks back, we launched the 5Kin5 Initiative, a regional jobs campaign to bring 5,000 workers into the homebuilding industry over the next five years. The Trades Job Fair is now a critical part of this overarching effort to boost our workforce. To put things in perspective for readers, let me offer up this example which underscores our dire need for more workers. Just last week, NSBIF released a research study it commissioned – Economic Effects of the New Housing Industry in the Sacramento Regionand the study found that Sacramento’s homebuilding industry supports an impressive 50,000 jobs each year. The sobering reality, however, is that this number simply is not enough for our industry to keep up with the pace of demand in the regional housing market.

    The bottom line is that we need more workers and we need them now.

    My call to all North State BIA members is to get involved. Get behind efforts like the 5Kin5 Initiative and, specifically, in this case, the Trades Job Fair. From HVAC to plumbing, framing to landscaping, concrete to electrical, and – for the first time – support and professional positions as well, there’s room for all parts of our industry at the job fair. We need you to sign up, because the Trades Job Fair will only be as strong as the number of employers we have present to attract jobseekers. Beyond just signing up, though, we need your help in getting the word out to the community about the job fair. Both BIA and NSBIF staff are working hard, but this is an industry-wide push in which we all need to be highly engaged.

    I also feel compelled to remind our membership that the Trades Job Fair is not just a jobs fair. It also represents a unique forum to boast about the wonderful opportunities available in the homebuilding industry. As NSBIF’s research study concluded, for every 100 industry jobs we create, an additional 90-122 jobs materialize in other sectors. There’s not many other industries that can lay claim to such a powerful economic narrative. Embrace that. Be proud of it.

    Our industry is top-notch in all facets. It’s time to let the entire greater Sacramento region know about that and tell jobseekers to join us. After all, we need them.

    Sign up for the Trades Job Fair today.