• Tuesday, February 21, 2017


  • Join us at The Mill this Friday at 9:30 a.m. for the 5Kin5 Launch

    If you have not already heard about the 5Kin5 Initiative, you – and most of the region – will hear about it in a big way later this week. That’s because on Friday, February 24, we are teaming up with Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg to officially launch this exciting and critical effort for the homebuilding industry.

    As many of you know all too well, with the housing market having bounced back over the last few years, we are on a welcome upward trajectory. We have more communities online and selling well, from Elk Grove to Folsom, Sacramento to Roseville, and everything in between. That, of course, is a fantastic development for all of us. However, our collective success has also led to the creation of a potentially debilitating challenge that we must all confront together: labor shortages.

    In the early- and mid-2000’s the homebuilding industry was flying high, with plenty of job opportunities available and just as many workers to fill those jobs. But once the economy began to decline, thousands of jobs were lost and workers, desperate for a paycheck, either left the area or the industry altogether. Since then, try as we might, we have not effectively backfilled those positions, and so now we find ourselves in the precarious position of simply not having enough labor to keep up with the growing pace of housing demand in the region.

    That is why the BIA, along with the North State Building Industry Foundation, decided we needed a concerted effort to tackle our labor shortage issue. The 5Kin5 Initiative is the vehicle through which we hope to achieve this by bringing 5,000 workers into our industry over the next five years.

    So, I encourage BIA members to join us this Friday for what should be a fantastic launch event for this key initiative. Until then, you can find out more about 5Kin5 here.


    Andy Davidson
    2017 Chair
    North State BIA