• COVID19 Safety Resources

    Safety is the building industry’s top priority. The following resources are available to those looking for timely guidance and best practices.

    Federal Resources

    The federal government has OSHA safety guidelines as well as guidance on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) webpage on COVID19

    The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has the Jobsite Safety and Recordkeeping Guidance for Coronavirus page that offers comprehensive Preparedness Plan, a jobsite checklist, template notifications to employees, OSHA guidance, and a jobsite safety poster that can be downloaded and displayed at jobsites. Resources are in both English and Spanish. NAHB has published a video toolbox talk that demonstrates proper safety precautions for workers on a home building job site to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 illness. The video, available in English and Spanish, illustrates real-world examples of implementing guidance NAHB has provided during the coronavirus crisis. 


    State Resources

    CAL OSHA Safety and Health Guidance

    CBIA's Infectious Disease Jobsite Safety Protocol 

    A Few Examples of Builders Proactively Addressing COVID-19

    Local builders have been leading the effort to ensure jobsite safety. Below are some of their specific best practices.

    Worker Safety

    ·       Ensuring 6 feet separation at all times and limiting the size of work crews in the house 

    ·       Providing extra wash stations and gloves, masks and hand sanitizer

    ·       Posting best practices (English and Spanish) notices on each house

    Managing Vendors and Trades 

    ·       Staggering vendor deliveries and trades on site so they are not there at the same time 

    ·       Limiting size of groups doing frame walks 

    ·       Closing construction office trailers 

    Customer Interface

    ·       Closing sales offices, except for appointments 

    ·       Wiping down all surfaces in homes before walk throughs with customers



    Safety and social distancing verified by Jerry Bach, Vice President of Workplace Safety Program, The Safety Center